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Creation of Nanoman's Blog

2016-07-02 00:00:00 -04:00 by Nanoman

Welcome to my blog!

Nanoman's Company has taken over what was once my News page. I needed a replacement outlet for my personal announcements and musings, so I created this blog to fill that role.

Into this blog, I imported my old News articles. The "Lundi Links" articles that I posted from 2011-03-21 until 2015-03-16 didn't seem relevant for this blog, so instead of moving them here, I moved them to their own page.

I've cleaned up my personal pages, and added a few new ones:

UNIX Time 0x50000000

2012-07-13 07:01:20 -04:00 by Nanoman

Happy fifty millionth second to everyone who lives their lives around hexadecimal representations of UNIX time!

Pi Day Updates

2011-03-14 01:59:26 -04:00 by Nanoman

Happy Pi Day!

To honour this international celebration in a completely unrelated way, I have rewritten my website's content management system. The old version was only partially built when I started using it on 2005-07-02, and updating my website was far more tedious than it should have been. I decided it was easier to rewrite than to resume, and I'm very satisfied with the finished product.

Here's a summary of the changes:

  • The layout has been redesigned to make pages less awkward in web browsers that are text-based and/or lack CSS support.
  • Pages load faster, require less bandwidth, and consume less electricity.
  • The minimum display resolution I recommend has been raised from 640x480 pixels to 800x600 pixels.
  • Redesigned the menu.
  • Redesigned the News page.
  • Converted the News Web Feed into Atom format.
  • Created a page for my company.
  • Created a page for my personal content.
  • Created a page for links to other websites.

Rather than limit this "News" section to posts about my own website, I've decided to start posting links to external content that I think is worth sharing. Like my site's content, the links I post will not necessarily be appropriate for all audiences, so viewer discretion is advised.

UNIX Time 1234567890

2009-02-13 00:00:00 -05:00 by Nanoman

Today at 18:31:30 -05:00 (EST), it will be 1234567890 in UNIX time. Everybody celebrate!

One Decade of Nanoman's Homepage

2008-07-02 00:00:00 -04:00 by Nanoman

My homepage's age is now measured in double digits!

Work has kept me very busy lately, so I didn't have time to implement all the changes I wanted to make in honour of this awesome occasion. Nothing new has been added, but there are a few changes worth mentioning:

  • improved layout
  • more standards compliant
  • significantly reduced power consumption

I'll post more later.

I Hate F-Lock

2005-08-06 00:00:00 -04:00 by Nanoman

I've added a page where I rant about the F-Lock key that exists on keyboards with "enhanced" function keys.

You can read it here.

Happy "Black Tuesday"!

2004-10-29 00:00:00 -04:00 by Nanoman

Today's the seventy-fifth anniversary of the great stock market crash of 1929.

Try to contain your excitement!

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