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Nanoman's Company News: Eighteen Years of Nanoman's Homepage

Eighteen Years of Nanoman's Homepage

2016-07-02 00:00:00 -04:00 by Nanoman

Happy B-day to my homepage!

Starting today, this website's primary objective will be to serve as a tool for supporting customers of Nanoman's Company. I'll continue to use this website for my own purposes, but I'll restrict my personal activities to my personal pages. If you're looking for me or for content that used to be accessible via my homepage, please see my Nanoman page.

Also today, I've updated this website's content management system. I'd been working on this intermittently since the 2011-03-14 update, and there are several changes worth mentioning:

  • New layout. This is the most visible change to this website since 2005-07-02, and it retires the columns that I'd been using since 1999.
  • Redesigned and rewrote the menu system. The previous menu was based on another person's design, and I began to dislike it almost as soon as I finished it. I put some thought into how I wanted to replace it, and I like my new design much better.
  • Stopped designing pages around a minimum display resolution. This website should now be much easier to use on devices with smaller screens.
  • Significantly improved the efficiency of page loading, and reduced this website's overall bandwidth requirements. I achieved this by thoroughly cleaning up almost every part of my content management system, and rewriting several parts.
  • Upgraded the markup to XHTML 5.0.
  • Changed the font family to "monospace". Most of my experience with computers has been spent in text-based terminals, so I typically find it easier to read monospaced fonts than proportional fonts. More importantly, with the monospaced fonts that I see most commonly, it's usually easier to distinguish between "0", "O", and "o", and between "1", "I", and "l".
  • Many bugs and spelling/grammatical errors were corrected, and new ones were probably introduced.

I created some new pages too:

My work on this website isn't at all finished. I still have a huge amount of work that I plan to do, but I'll get to it in the years to come.