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Privacy Policy

Nanoman's Company has had a strict privacy policy since before our business was registered in 2002. Our words for defining it have changed over the years, but our intention has remained the same.

As an IT company, we have access to systems that store and/or process information that can be very sensitive to its owners. We take this responsibility very seriously, similar to how physicians maintain the confidentiality of their patient records, or attorney-client privilege.


Refusing to identify our customers is the most frequent way that we protect our customers' privacy, but there are others too. For example:

  • We do everything we feasibly can to limit our ability to access our customers' data. If we don't know how to access something, then it's less probable that we can help other people to access it.
  • We never transmit sensitive information using insecure methods like unencrypted email. We realize that there are many IT providers who won't hesitate to use unencrypted email for the transmission of passwords, credit card details, et cetera, but doing so can be dangerous, and we won't take such risks.
  • We employ security methods that many people consider excessive. Our precautions are constantly evolving, and often earn us funny reactions from customers.
  • Our company has signed many non-disclosure agreements. If a customer has one that they want us to sign, then we will review it.
  • We require our subcontractors to abide by our privacy policy. If a subcontractor won't comply, then we will find somebody else.
  • We don't ask or encourage our customers to tell people about the work we've done for them. They're free to do so, but this is entirely their prerogative.
  • Nanoman's Company stays off social networking sites. If we used sites like these, we'd risk exposing our customer base through the affiliations shown publicly on each site by the service, and/or via any potentially rogue agents operating within these organizations. We won't stop other people from using these sites, but we don't want a presense on them.


When we deal with our suppliers and subcontractors to complete work orders from our customers, we often need to provide them with information about our customers and/or their IT systems. When this happens, we won't give them anything more than the absolute minimum of what they need to know, and we require our customers' permission for each disclosure.

On several occasions, our company has been presented with lucrative work offers that we could have taken, but on the condition that we provided references, testimonials, and/or other information that is protected by our privacy policy. In each case, we refused, even when doing so meant turning away income that would've helped us immensely.

Please see our Transparency Reports page for information about how we handle requests from government agencies and disclosures to governments.