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I'm enthralled by stories, both happy and unhappy. While most people prefer to avoid unhappy stories, I don't discriminate, especially not when a story makes me think about how I can improve the world or myself.

I really enjoy telling stories too. When I was a kid, I wrote a lot of fictitious stories. As I grew up, stories from my real life seemed to become more interesting than the ones I made up.

I've posted a few true stories from my own life on this website:

A Morning in Building #5
Warning: This story shouldn't be read by younger or sensitive viewers.
During high school, I was fascinated by my hometown's abandoned psychiatric hospital. After a memorable morning of exploring it, I decided to write about my experiences, and posted my story here for others to read.
I Hate F-Lock
In 2001, an evil corporation introduced a computer keyboard that had something marketed as a feature, and other manufacturers soon adopted it. This "feature" caused a great deal of frustration to me and many people I know, and I decried it as a scourge to be abolished. Hoping to incite a revolt, I wrote a negative review.
Nanoman's Stupid Chemistry Teacher
My high school chemistry teacher was one of the worst teachers I ever had. Thinking that other people may be interested in what I thought of her, I documented my observations.