Nanoman's Company Support

These pages are intended to be referenced by customers of Nanoman's Company. Visitors are welcome to reference these pages, but our support for you may be limited.


At the time of this writing, we aren't seeking new customers or new projects. When this changes, we'll post an announcement on our News page.

Nanoman's Company sells many different types of IT (Information Technology) products and services, and we offer official and unofficial support for products and services from many different IT providers. We have extensive networks of suppliers and expert subcontractors who can help us with orders of any scale.

We are licenced to work in Canada, but our primary geographical territories are Toronto and Durham Region. We can support customers elsewhere, but travel expenses and/or other conditions may apply.

We provide cost estimates before beginning any work. Our hourly labour rate is usually $50 CAD ($44.25 CAD plus Ontario HST), but we prefer to quote a fixed price that's based on our assessment of the work involved.

We accept payments via Interac e-Transfer, cheque, credit card, or cash. For credit card payments, we usually add a 4% charge to cover processing fees, and we specify this on our invoices. We're open to bartering, but we require such offers to be presented before we're asked to begin any work, and we will refuse any offers that we consider unfair.

If you're an existing customer of ours who needs help with an IT problem, please contact us, and we'll try our best to help you. If you require priority on-site or remote support for emergencies or maintenance, please ask us about our support contracts.

Support Pages

Instructions for how to do various tasks.
Personal Computer Comparisons
Compare different personal computer operating systems to decide which is best for you.
Utilities to help with various tasks.

Unsupported Products and Services

Adobe Flash
Nanoman's Company ended support for Adobe Flash on 2016-10-04. If you think that this affects you, or if you want to know why we did this, please read this page.
Apple Products and Services
Nanoman's Company began ending support for Apple products and services on 2018-10-06. If you think that this affects you, or if you want to know why we did this, please read this page.
Microsoft Products and Services
We began phasing out support for Microsoft products and services in 2002, and we completed this phaseout on 2010-01-01.
Nanoman's Company used and recommended S/MIME from 2006-07-02 until we switched to OpenPGP on 2020-03-17. This page explains our rationale for making this change.