Nanoman's Company Information

Legal Information

Transparency Reports

Without the authorization of our customers, Nanoman's Company will never disclose any information about our customers to anyone other than federal or provincial authority figures. The circumstances for any such disclosures would have to be quite extenuating.

Every interaction that we have with government officials is documented by us. We do this because we know that the government doesn't always act in the best interest of its people, so we hold them accountable by documenting and publicizing their activities.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information about why and how we protect the privacy of our customers.

Government Requests

If we ever receive a legitimate request from the government for any information about any of our customers, we intend to publish a report that includes the identity of the government agencies involved, descriptions of what they requested, how they requested it, and how we responded. Our report wouldn't include anything that could be used to identify anything about our customers, and we would notify any/all customers affected by such a request. Also, we'd announce our report using our News page and whatever other outlets we deem appropriate.

We can imagine hypothetical scenarios where we'd comply with a government request without first notifying our customers, but we consider such scenarios to be extremely unlikely. We intend to challenge and/or refuse any government request that we believe to be invalid and/or unethical.

At the time of this writing, to the best of our knowledge, no government agency has ever directly or indirectly asked us for any information about any of our customers. We have no reason to suspect that this will ever change, and we sincerely hope that it never does.

Government Disclosures

Given the extent of government spying that has been chronicled by people like Edward Snowden, we must assume that copious amounts of information about our customers have already been unethically acquired by government agencies. We have no way of knowing what they may have gathered, but we do everything we feasibly can to make this difficult for them.

At the time of this writing, there has been only one instance of us knowingly revealing information about our customer base to the government. Someone involved with one of our customers deliberately committed criminal acts against our company that caused us to suffer major losses, and because this person showed no remorse or willingness to make amends, we reported them to government authority figures who are experienced in dealing with such matters. Our disclosure included the contact information of this individual, the contact information of our customer and other people involved, descriptions of work we had done for our customer, and details regarding how the individual was involved in harming both our company and our customer's company.