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A Morning in Building #5: What Happened Next?

To exit the building, I first had to exit the kitchen. There was a wall with a shutter that could be opened to serve people on the other side.

I looked across the room through that open shutter. I couldn't see anyone on the other side, so I very cautiously exited the kitchen, into the room with the chair and the first indication of bad news that I saw moments earlier.

I stepped into the room with the chair. I was careful to check along the wall with the shutter to make sure there was no one below or above the limitations of my perspective from the kitchen.

Walking closer to the exit from the room with the chair, I was able to see across to a dark room on the other half of the mostly symmetrical building. I found myself momentarily overwhelmed, realizing how much of the building I had not explored, and how little I knew about who else could be under the same roof.

Cautiously, I entered the room with many oddities. Staying relatively close to the walls, I moved myself closer to the hallway.

I hadn't walked around the whole kitchen, and I thought about how someone would have been able to crouch behind the end of the kitchen island without me noticing. I stopped, turned my head enough to see the entrance to the room with the chair, listened, and then proceeded to the hall.

Seeing how dark was the room on the other side of the big room with many oddities, I pulled out my flashlight. I knew the rooms connected to the hall would be equally dark.

The hall, as seen in one of the photographs, was not very wide. This gave me less space to evade anybody who may have emerged from the other rooms, so I moved through as carefully and quickly as possible. Some rooms had closed doors, which enabled me to move through slightly faster.

I arrived at the door to the landing that connected the stairs to the second floor, the stairs to the basement, the step outside, and the rest of the building behind me. I opened the door, and stepped down.

Staying still and silent as the door closed behind me, I listened very carefully for any other noises. When the door had closed, I looked at as much of the stairwell as I could see. After a moment of not seeing anyone, I moved swiftly to stand down in the corner with the Slipknot graffiti.

Looking down the basement stairwell, I couldn't see anyone, so I quickly looked outside to see if there was anyone standing near the small awning above the door. Seeing no one, I stepped outside, and hurried straight out to one of the old hospital's roads, keeping as much distance between me and the structures as I could.

Standing on the road, I looked around for anyone who might seem suspicious. I put away my camera and flashlight, and there was no one to be seen.

In the middle of the old hospital's roads, I started to walk as fast as I could toward Gordon Street. If someone was to try to catch up with me at the pace I was moving, they would have had to be running or moving at a pace that should have caused some audible noise.

I was there all alone, and without a mobile telephone. No one knew that I had planned to go to the old abandoned hospital those mornings, and to the best of my knowledge, no one knew that I was there.

I wanted off that property. As crazy as this will sound, it was not for fear of losing my own life, but for fear that the photographs I took and the story I had to tell would not be shared with the rest of the world.

I survived, and lived to tell this story. Thank you for reading it!

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