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Nanoman's Personal Pages

These pages are not representative of the policies or opinions of Nanoman's Company.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the more common questions that I'm asked. If more come up, I'll probably post my answers.

How did you come up with the name "Nanoman"?

In 1990, I was reading something about computers. The document I was reading stated that computers operate in nanoseconds. At the time, I was unfamiliar with the prefix "nano", so I looked up the word in a dictionary.

"Nano" means one billionth (10^-9), and "micro" means one millionth (10^-6). "Nano" is one thousandth the value of "micro", and a nanosecond is one thousandth of a microsecond.

After reading that document, I began wondering why we have microchips and microcomputers, but no nanochips or nanocomputers. I wanted to be the first person to use "nano" in their pseudonym, and the name I decided on popped in my head right away: "Nanoboy"!

A few seconds (or a few billion nanoseconds) later, I realized that I wouldn't want to be called "Nanoboy" when I was older. Instead, I chose "Nanoman".

And that's the story of how Nanoman got his name.

Are you on [insert name of social networking website]?

No. Doing so would conflict with my company's privacy policy. Even if I wasn't bound by my professional code of ethics, I prefer to limit my dependence on third-party services.

I want people to be able to contact me without depending on proprietary networks. I want to be able to post content without fear of censorship from the host site's administrators. Having my own website grants me both of these freedoms.

If someone wants to learn about me or my company, they can read my personal page or my company page. If someone wants to "follow" me, they can subscribe to my blog's web feed or my company's web feed. If someone wants to contact me, they can use my contact page.

Do you use [insert name of instant messaging service]?

No. I used to use XMPP, but nowadays, I prefer to meet people in person or talk to them using a telephone.

Where did you find all those Weird Conspiracies Involving Space Aliens?

I discovered every conspiracy that resides on my Weird Conspiracies Involving Space Aliens page by myself, I'm proud to say. I could post thousands of conspiracies that other people have uncovered, but this is my website, and I'd rather post my own work.

If you find any of these conspiracy reports posted elsewhere on the Internet or in the real world, the publishers either plagiarized me or went through the grueling task of uncovering these diabolical conspiracies on their own.

Why don't you use more graphics on your website?

Many people don't have broadband Internet access, and I'm sympathetic to their bandwidth limitations. I know from experience that it's not fun having to wait ten minutes for hundreds of animated GIFs to load.

When will we see more Whitby Psychiatric Hospital content?

Short answer: I don't know. I may post more some day, but I have no immediate plans.

I started that page because I couldn't find any related information on the Internet when I initially became interested. My plan was to do a lot of research and post everything -- or maybe write a book -- to help others like me find what they wanted. Now there are plenty of pages out there discussing the subject at length, and I know of at least one person who has/had a book in the works, so the effort feels redundant.