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Nanoman's Company Tools

These pages are intended to be used by Nanoman's Company and our customers. Visitors are welcome to use these pages, but our support for you may be limited.

Random Password Generator

Our system doesn't save any passwords that are generated using this page. If you forget a password that was generated here, we can't help you recover it.

Random Words

Quantity: (100 maximum)


  • These words were imported from dictionaries that include profanity and other words that people may find offensive. We have attempted to edit out these words, but please contact us to report any that we missed.
  • Output might include offensive phrases. If this happens to you, we assure you that this was caused by an unfortunate ordering of random words.
  • Output will contain lowercase letters only (no uppercase letters, numbers, spaces, or other symbols).
  • Please contact us to report any output words that aren't actually words. Tens of thousands of entries were imported from the dictionaries we used, and we haven't checked every word for legitimacy.
  • The idea for this random password generator came from xkcd 936.
  • WordNet License:
  • xkcd License:

Random Characters

Length: (1000 maximum)
Uppercase Letters:
Lowercase Letters:


  • Any words or messages that may appear in this output are the result of randomly choosing the characters that you selected, and were not put there by us deliberately. Please refer to the infinite monkey theorem.
  • Output will not begin or end with a space.